What Are the Design Elements of a Modern Farmhouse?

Unsurprisingly, the modern farmhouse is one of the most popular trends that we see these days at Schumacher Homes. While our customers come to us for custom homes designed to fit their modern lifestyles, there is something timeless, rustic, and charming about the farmhouse style house that draws people towards it. Perhaps in a world of traffic and touch screens, there is something welcoming about coming home to a modern classic with it’s clean lines and sharp contrasts that are steeped in tradition. If the modern farmhouse look is something that appeals to you, there are myriad ways to achieve your vision be it an A-frame roof element, board and batten siding, black trim windows, or outfitting your kitchen with an apron sink complemented by black hardware.

Let’s begin with the exterior of the home and the elements that can not only lend themselves to this sleek, classic style, but give your home fantastic curb appeal. For many of us, the farmhouse look starts with the A-frame roof, which you should certainly speak to your New Home Consultant about, but what can really push the style to the next level is the incorporation of board and batten siding. You’ve likely seen this look many times, but may not have known that this classic exterior element had a name. The way it plays out is that the boards, or wider pieces of wood, are laid on the exterior with alternating battens, or narrower wooden strips. The battens are set in a relief style, protruding an inch or so from the boards, creating a wonderful three dimensional layering effect. Installed vertically, this siding can help make your home appear taller, making it a true standout in the neighborhood. Luckily, the board and batten siding doesn’t just look great, but it is very low maintenance and it’s quite durable in tough weather conditions.

Basic exterior elements covered, the next step is to create a custom, sophisticated look with black trim windows to contrast a white exterior. This is a simple and highly effective way to bring a bit of modern flair to the classic farmhouse features while adding a bit of pop and texture to your home. Not only does this contrast add dimension to the exterior of the home, it complements the interior, generating a polished, sophisticated space.

“I was a bit skeptical when the idea of black trim was recommended by my New Home Consultant for the windows on my home, but the moment that I saw a real life example, I was sold. I love the contrast both inside and out and somehow the black trim almost makes everything else seem brighter, more spacious, and quite contemporary!” – Vivian G. – Raleigh, NC

To help balance the black trim windows within the interior of your home, try using 7-inch white painted crown molding to help create a crisp line finish. Cleaner, more refined lines with minimal detail can help merge contemporary styling with rustic charm, creating a look that adds texture and modernity without taking away from the simplicity of the modern farmhouse design. If you want to go even further, consider a black, or other bold colored front door and add larger door casings and baseboards throughout your home to really accentuate this refined look.

There has never been a better time to explore some adventurous touches when designing your home, and black hardware is more popular now than ever before. Everything from light fixtures to door knobs and cabinet pulls are an ideal way to accent your black window frames with subtle touches around your home. Using a matte black finish on these accoutrements can add big style in a small way, helping put the finishing touches on your new custom built home. Adding the modern to a farmhouse style can often be dwindled down to these small touches that reinforce a bit of charisma in your home through the use of stark contrast and clean boundaries between light and dark.

There are plenty of choices when it comes to choosing the perfect kitchen sink for your custom home, but if your aim is the atmosphere of a modern farmhouse then look no further than a white enameled cast iron farm sink. From the broad, familiar lines and solid durability to the functional design, it’s no wonder that apron-front sinks are more popular than ever in the farmhouse design. The large single apron can accommodate large pots and pans, making cleanup after holiday dinners a breeze, and the enameled cast iron resists chipping, cracking, and burning for years of beauty and reliable performance.

The joy of designing a modern farmhouse style home is sifting through the various accents available that can bring the entire picture into focus. The key, like with the black windows and hardware set against white moldings or board and batten siding, is contrast. That contrast can mean anything from hanging modern, circular mirrors above a classic, farmhouse sink or using something old in a new way, like a sliding barn door to divide a large room. To help you in the process, Schumacher Homes homeowners love the FrontDoor™ pricing system as it helps you not only understand all of the options available, but see your budget change in real time. Our FrontDoorTM pricing system was awarded the 2019 Gold Award for “Best Digital Sales Tool/Use of Technology” from the National Association of Home Builders (NAHB).

If you’re looking to model your new custom home in a modern farmhouse style, be sure to incorporate a number of these elements to create a casual, functional home that meets all of the design aesthetics that you love.

We have farmhouse model homes all around the country.  Visit our model homes page to find a farmhouse model to tour near you.

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Schumacher Homes, based in Canton, Ohio, is America’s largest custom homebuilder, with operations in 32 markets in 14 states across the country. The National Housing Quality award winning company has built over 18,000 homes, customized to fit each family’s lifestyle, since its founding by Paul Schumacher in 1992. Schumacher Homes takes each customer’s inspiration and gives it a home. Each Schumacher Homes location includes a one-stop shopping design studio and model homes displaying the latest in architectural and product trends.  Stop in today, be inspired and receive your no obligation price quote.

Checklist: How to Find the Perfect Land for Your Custom Home

Location. Location. Location.

That triplet has been uttered for decades and for good reason. Location is immensely important in our lives and perhaps no more so than when choosing land for your home. There are a number of factors to consider when choosing a lot to begin building a house and those can range from proximity to work or school, proper plumbing or electrical connections, zoning regulations, or the very layout of the land itself from trees to soil conditions. It can be quite a lot to think about, but the good news is that there isn’t a right or wrong way to find that perfect lot, and we’re here to help guide you along the journey.

Whether you’ve already found the perfect home and are now searching for a place to build or you want to first find a piece of land and decide on floor plans afterwards, we have you covered. Schumacher Homes offices have a dedicated land specialist available to help future homeowners select and obtain the perfect piece of land for their home. Click here to schedule a meeting with one of our New Home Consultants who can put you in touch with one of our land specialists.

Fun Fact: 53% of our homeowners come to us without land.

For those inspired to get the search started before your first meeting with one of our land specialists, we’re going to lay out some basics here so that you can begin the hunt. First, we’ll lay out some options on where to look for land, and secondly, we’ll set you up with a bit of a checklist so that you know both what to look for and when to be weary.


  • The Internet – Sure, this may seem obvious, but there is a reason for that. The internet is quite honestly a great place to begin your search. Real estate focused sites like Zillow, Landwatch, Realtor.com, Lands of America, or Trulia, just to name a few, allow for specific searches and list more than existing houses. Just be sure to choose “land” as the search topic in their options for “property type” or “home type”.
  • Local Realtors – Realtors tend to have a focused knowledge of what is available, or becoming available, on their home turf, and this goes beyond physical houses. They typically have first-hand knowledge of lots that are available and often are the first to hear rumors of lots becoming available. Don’t know a local realtor? Our land specialists are just as in touch and will gladly help you in your search.
  • Drive Around – This might sound a bit farfetched. It’s not like you’re searching for buried treasure, but you’d be surprised how often our customers find the location for their future homes this way. If you know the general neighborhoods that you’d consider moving into, spend an afternoon driving the residential streets, as there is often land for sale by owners that isn’t listed on the web.
  • Local Auditors – If there is a particular parcel of land that you’ve noticed hasn’t been developed yet, it never hurts to check the local auditor’s website to find out who owns that parcel so that you can reach out and see if they are interested in selling. As they say, it never hurts to ask.
  • LandGlide – This is an app that you can use while driving around (while safely stopped and pulled over!) to see who owns a particular piece of land that might catch your eye.

There is really no shortage of resources when it comes to searching for land. Don’t want to spend your Saturdays driving in circles around town? That’s where our land specialists come in to point you in the right direction.

Knowing how to search for land is only half the battle. The other half is knowing what to look for in a lot of land. There are infinite features that you’ll come across, and no piece of land will be 100% perfect in each and every way. If you follow a few of these tidbits, you’ll be one step closer to a lot that makes you happy and makes the construction process easy going.

Location – This is of course the most important factor in picking the right lot. Be it in your current neighborhood or on the other side of the country, you want to be happy with your new neighborhood, and this can be quite the balancing act. It is incredibly important to determine your priorities and your desired lifestyle when assessing land opportunities. Here are just a few things to begin thinking about, and we’d recommend making a list of what is most important to you and your family to help guide your decision.

  • Proximity – How far are schools? Hospitals? Grocery stores? Parents? Siblings? Your place of work? Bars and restaurants? Highway access? Parks and playgrounds? Etc, etc, etc. Make a list of what is important for you to have nearby, and what you’re willing to commute to if it isn’t in the local neighborhood.
  • Neighbors – This can go both ways and just depends on your particular lifestyle. Is your family the type that wants to live on a street with a number of other houses, or are you the sort who prefers having quite a distance between your home and your neighbors? Do you like the idea of a street where people throw block parties for major holidays and everyone decorates for Christmas, or do you prefer keeping to yourself and living a more private life?
  • Farmland – If you’re looking at space in the countryside, take note if there is farmland nearby. If so, do a bit of research to find out what they grow, if they will be using certain fertilizers or pesticides that can be a nuisance to your family or animals. If you are near a farm with livestock, what sort of noise or odor issues might arise?
  • Plumbing – For those in an urban neighborhood, there likely isn’t much to worry about, but if you’re looking at a more rural piece of land, take note if you’ll be using septic or sewers; city water or well water. These are important notes to have when it comes to designing your home.
  • Modern Conveniences – Does your mobile phone get service in the neighborhood? Sounds silly, but nobody wants to move into their new home only to find out that their phone won’t get any signal. If you work from home, you might want to check what the broadband capabilities are in the area. If you’re sports obsessed, you might want to be sure that you’re preferred satellite TV provider services the area. These are small things, but are important to check.

Zoning Regulations – You certainly don’t want to deal with any red tape when building your new home. It may seem ridiculous, but many counties, even ones that are already heavily developed, can have strict regulations on how land can be used. There can be regulations on everything from what sort of structures can be built (such as having a secondary guest home on a single property, landscape regulations, or height restrictions) to where the land boundaries actually lie and how close your structure can be to that boundary. We’re here to help you navigate the questions and answers.

Lot Conditions – It’s easy to get excited by the idea of a location, but you need to go through your due diligence to be sure that the piece of land will actually work for the home that you intend to build. We’ll list a few checklist items below, but to be sure everything is above water, we offer our homeowners a free homesite inspection where one of our construction managers will come to your homesite and take a look at everything.

  • How do you see your home sitting on the lot? You’ll want to envision the way that your home is positioned on the land. Where is the front door? Where is the driveway? How will the yard be designed? Where will the utility connections reside? These are things our construction manager will help walk you through during their inspection.
  • Is there a lot of site work that will be needed? Are there trees or shrubs that need to be taken down? Are there trenches or rivers that will impede construction?

A clear lot is defined as nothing over one foot high to include grass, trees, bushes, etc. in the area and perimeter of where the house will be placed. When trees and/or bushes are in the location and perimeter where the house is to be placed, they will need to be removed. When you choose the lot for your dream home, you don’t want any unwelcome surprises, which is why it is critical to take a tour of the land. We certainly don’t expect you to know everything, which is why we’re here to help with this process.

Clear Land Lightly Wooded Moderately Wooded

Heavily Wooded

Hire the Best Possible Builder – This should go without saying, but after finding the ideal location, location, location, it’s time to find the right builder, builder, builder.

About Schumacher Homes
Schumacher Homes, based in Canton, Ohio, is America’s largest custom homebuilder, with operations in 32 markets in 14 states across the country. The National Housing Quality award winning company has built over 18,000 homes, customized to fit each family’s lifestyle, since its founding by Paul Schumacher in 1992. Schumacher Homes takes each customer’s inspiration and gives it a home. Each Schumacher Homes location includes a one-stop shopping design studio and model homes displaying the latest in architectural and product trends.  Stop in today, be inspired and receive your no obligation price quote.

How Tile Can Finish A Room

It’s about time that tile earns its rightful place as an affordable, stylish, addition to nearly any room in your home. No longer just for shower walls and bathroom floors, the variety of tiles available in the market today make it both a durable replacement for expensive stonework and a captivating material for accent walls and a bit of stylish flair. That’s why we wanted to lay out a few ideas here for you to better understand what tile can do to spruce up your home, turning it into something truly wonderful.

The kitchen is often thought of as the heart of the home. It can be the epicenter of family gatherings or just a place where your children finish their homework and tell you about their day while you’re busy figuring out how to hide some vegetables in their dinner. You’ve likely already planned out and customized just how you want things laid out, like where the stove will be in relation to the sink and the fridge, but putting those final design touches in just the right way are what will really add love to the heart of your home.

In the kitchen pictured here, we added a new dimension to the already custom space by using Daltile’s Rittenhouse Square in a 3” x 6” subway format to build an elegant backsplash. The bright white tile gifts the empty space with texture and radiance that extends all the way to the ceiling for an even more custom look. This simple detail creates a timeless look that can stylize your kitchen while remaining graceful and charming. The bright white appearance opens the kitchen up, giving it a sense of space while maintaining a rustic charm.

It’s easy to jump onto the idea of installing a marble floor in your master bathroom, after all, this is meant to be a place of luxury and respite. The raw whites and grey veins of a fine piece of Italian stone can instantly transport you to a world of relaxation, but don’t kid yourself, dealing with real marble can be a real stress. From the character of the porous material that can stain quite easily, to the costly installation and the inconsistency from tile to tile, for some people marble can often provide more anxiety than tranquility. Again, this is a perfect moment for tile to make its way into the room. The Marble Attaché by Daltile has forever changed what you might think about tile. It’s a luxury porcelain product that is setting trend like no other as it easily mimics the splendor of marble, but without any of the pain points.

In the bathroom pictured here, we used large squares of the Marble Attaché tile to add a bit of old world luxury to this bright and modern bathroom, drawing it all the way up the far wall to complete the look and enhance the lavish atmosphere. There is nothing better than starting your day in a clean, calm space, and these tiles lend themselves to that perfect morning.

Traditionally you may think of an accent wall being painted with a contrasting color, covered with a chic wallpaper, or perhaps adorned with brick or stone slabs, but you shouldn’t leave tile out of the discussion. The image here illustrates a great room that has achieved a textured architectural design in an unexpected way – by using 12” x 24” large format tile across the entire wall. Perhaps using tile to feature an access wall could be considered a risk as it certainly isn’t the norm, but you probably agree that this risk was well worth the reward. The massive space was overlaid with Daltile’s Severino Collection which takes cues from the tumbling cliffs of the Amalfi Coast to give it a beautiful mix of travertine and marble looks. It’s designed to add warmth and beauty, maintaining clean lines while adding a bit of natural styling to any room.

As you can see, tile is much more versatile than it was when our grandparents were designing their bathroom floors. There are myriad options available from those that replicate Italian marble, to classic New York subway tiles, to anything in between.

The joy that our customers get from choosing all of the final touches to their new home is part of the reward of building custom homes. When it comes to working with Schumacher Homes, our FrontDoor™ price quote system makes it incredibly easy to understand exactly what you’re getting and how much it will cost.

There are an incredible amount of choices when it comes to finishing details. Paint colors, wall paper, flooring options, ceiling styling, window design, and countertops. Even choosing the correct light switches can lead to decision anxiety. When designing the nuances of your home design, working with your New Home Consultant and Sales Coordinator to understand the options available makes selections easy so that you can make your home not just beautiful, but comfortable and warm.

About Schumacher Homes
Schumacher Homes, based in Canton, Ohio, is America’s largest custom homebuilder, with operations in 32 markets in 14 states across the country. The National Housing Quality award winning company has built over 18,000 homes, customized to fit each family’s lifestyle, since its founding by Paul Schumacher in 1992. Schumacher Homes takes each customer’s inspiration and gives it a home. Each Schumacher Homes location includes a one-stop shopping design studio and model homes displaying the latest in architectural and product trends.  Stop in today, be inspired and receive your no obligation price quote.