Shopping for a New Home: Step 1 – Find Your Inspiration

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It’s the shopping season. We all know how to buy the small stuff, but when it comes to shopping for a new home, where do you begin? Finding your inspiration isn’t hard, but it does take some thinking. Start with you and your family.

Are you a large family seeking more space, or a couple just starting out? Do you have an extended family where mom and dad may need to move in eventually?

Schumacher Homes Earnhardt Collection - Catawba Kitchen & Greatroom
Earnhardt Collection – Catawba Kitchen & Great Room

What are your interests? Are you a nature lover or an artist that requires a home with open space and lots of windows for optimal light? Are you an amateur grease monkey who likes a huge garage space? A sports fanatic who needs a great game room? Are you a culinary wizard whose frequent entertaining demands a large kitchen?

What do you need? Do you work from home and need a substantial home office? Are you a pet-lover and need a first-class room for your dogs? Do you need lots of closet space? Do you have a large family or entertain often and need a spacious great room where everyone can be together?

Start by taking inventory of your interests and needs.  Deciding where you’re going to move your family cannot be taken lightly. You’re choosing the place where your life story will unfold. You have to make sure that it is just right for you.

Put simply, there’s no substitute for living in a home filled with choices made by you, for you. When you build a custom home, you’re not limited to just decorating rooms. Your home will have your vision and be a place for you to express yourself in ways you never expected.

Schumacher Homes Earnhardt Collection - Blue Ridge Model Home
Earnhardt Collection – Blue Ridge Model Home

Now that you’ve got your thoughts together, get out and experience a variety of model homes. Take them for a test drive. Feel for quality; feel for design. You’ll get a gut instinct on what’s right for you.

Walk through several different floor plans to see what designs feel best for your family. If you like the floor plan but not the facade, check out the different facades (elevations) on the website, or look for another home with a similar floor plan. Think about what could be changed or added to make the home perfect for you. Scrapbook and catalog your experience. Make lists of what you liked and what you didn’t.

Getting your inspiration correct is essential in your new home search. Your inspiration should define you, your interests, your wants and your needs. Once you’ve figured your inspiration out, customizing a perfect setting is easy.


Multi-generational Living: How to Make Living with the Whole Family Easy and Enjoyable

Schumacher Homes Casita Multi-Generational Living
Schumacher Homes Heritage Casita

In the America of the past, living together under one roof with your children and parents was the norm. Now what was old is new again, as multi-generational households are on the rise. 57 million Americans are living together in multi-generational households according to a recent study by Pew Research, double the number since 1980.

A number of factors are driving this trend, including social and demographic changes, and the number of multi-generational households is only expected to rise. What more and more families are finding out is that multi-generational living can be a wonderful experience as families reconnect and care for each other.

Creating a multi-generational household is a great alternative for many families looking for ways to deepen relationships,” says Donna Butts, executive director of Generations United.

There can be problems with multi-generational living. Many homes built in the last 70 years weren’t built like the ones in the old days. They don’t have the space or accommodations to meet the needs of living both with younger children and older parents. Most of the difficulty with multi-generational living arrangements stems from trying live in a house that was only built for a single family.

However, Schumacher Homes has solved these problems. Our multi-generational design experts have developed multiple floor plans that make living truly enjoyable for both young and old with the right combination of design and accessibility, providing both the space you need and the closeness you want.

Dual-Master Suite, Multi-Generational Living, Schumacher Homes
Schumacher Homes Dual-Master Suite

First, we can offer an extra bedroom, full bath and walk in closet. It’s called a Dual-Master Suite, and it can be easily added onto any floor plan you choose.

Secondly, we offer the Casita, which houses a spacious great room, ample kitchen area, laundry room and bedroom, complete with full bath and walk in closet. This addition can be connected straight onto the home or by breezeway.

Heritage-Main-Floor-(casita 2
Heritage Main Floor Casita – Click to Enlarge

Either of these options is also available with Aging In Place features. Even if you’re not ready for them yet, we can review 10 things you can do in the design process to essentially future-proof your home for the unique needs you or your family may encounter as you mature. Having peace of mind is easier than you think.

So this Thanksgiving, as you enjoy dinner as a family, take a minute and talk about how life could be better, together.

Schumacher Homes proudly won the gold award at the 2015 International Builders Show for Best Multi-generational Home.  

Going Gray: The Newest Neutral is the Hottest Trend in Kitchen Cabinetry

Schumacher Homes Grey Kitchen

Who knew going gray would be so hot? Neutral gray is the new interior color trend that’s taking the kitchen and bath industry by storm. According to the National Kitchen and Bath Association, gray is the fastest-growing color scheme for kitchens.

Gray is a highly versatile color. It can cool down a room or warm it up, especially when paired with warmer colors like reds and yellows and warm materials like wood. It’s a great accent color. Gray cabinets work with nearly any countertop.

With gray, your decorating options are literally limitless with looks that range from Old World to modern, to traditional or contemporary. For Pinspiration, check out this beautiful collection of kitchen ideas.

This is a color you’ll live with and love for a long time. The National Association of Realtor’s blog,, calls gray cabinetry one of the “9 Kitchen Trends that Can’t Go Wrong,” and touts the color gray’s “staying power” as a trend. loves this trend, recommending opting “for textured finishes and hip patterns to elevate the cabinets in a sleek and minimal home.”

Schumacher Homes offers grey cabinets in a Traditional Recessed Panel, Full Overlay with a Recessed Panel, and a Full Overlay with a Raised Panel. These panels come in a variety of price points, making the kitchen of your dreams affordable at every level!

Gray cabinets are a feature of our newest model home, the Charleston A, at our Design Center in Lewis Center, Ohio (Columbus Area). Plan a road trip, or visit the Design Center nearest you to experience this latest trend!