How to Use Inspiration Boards to Organize Your Home Plans

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Introducing our new Inspiration Boards on Recently Schumacher Homes took home the Gold Award for “Best Website for a Builder” from the National Association of Home Builders (NAHB) international competition in Las Vegas.

With more than 140,000 members, the NAHB honors superior achievements each year at The Nationals℠ Awards Gala during the International Builders’ Show. A stand-out feature of our website are our inspiration boards. We used a password-protected format that allows our homeowners to privately collect the photos and floor plans that inspire them, and to share them with their new home consultant with one click of a button. Get started by creating an account at 

For a step-by-step instruction on how our inspiration boards work, check out this video.


9 Ways to Futureproof Your Home

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We’ve all seen it on our social media timelines. That inspirational quote that begs us to “Do Something Today that Your Future Self Will Thank You For.”  But one of the only things we can guarantee about the future, is that we will be older in it.

Schumacher Homes So how will you prepare?  How will you ensure that your custom building investment is going to pay off for you 10, 20, 50 years down the line?

Part of the beauty of building custom is that you can take your future self into consideration. Really do something that it will thank you for.  Here’s nine ways your home can be customized for your future self.

1. Wider Hallways and Doorways – 3-foot doorways provide the room you might need for wheelchair accessibility. In the meantime, these extra-wide doors are great for scuff prevention when moving furniture, and allow for easier movement with a laundry basket!

2. Higher Electrical Outlets – Let’s face it, as we get older it gets harder to bend down. Higher electrical outlets make for an easier reach when plugging in vacuums and other necessities.

Schuamcher Homes

Rocker-style Light Switch

3. Lower Rocker-style Light Switches – These can be turned on or off with an open palm, so there’s no need for grasping a switch. The lower placement on the wall makes the switch accessible if wheelchair-bound.

4. Raised Vanities and Countertops – Another accessibility feature, the higher placement of these counters gives you the flexibility to get close to the sink or countertop with a wheelchair when brushing teeth or cooking.

Schumacher Homes

Lever Door Handle

5. Lever-style Door Handles – Right now, you can open these by pressing down with your elbow when your hands are full. Later, a simple push eliminates the need to grasp a knob with arthritic hands.

6.  Zero-threshold Shower or Walk-in Tub – Choose one or both. Either way, you’ll rid yourself of the need to step up or into your bathing area.

Schumacher Homes

Zero-threshold Shower in Charleston A Model Home

7. Comfort Height Toilets – Taller toilets make it much easier to sit and stand when nature calls.

Schumacher Homes

Click to Enlarge: Schumacher Homes Heritage with Casita

8. First-story Master Suite – You can select a floor plan that contains a first-story master suite, eliminating the need for climbing stairs later on.

9. Multigenerational Floor Plans – For those caring for an elderly parent or loved one, Aging in Place Design can be incorporated into a multigenerational floor plan.

What’s more, most of these features are barely recognizable in the grand scheme of the home, but will pay off huge when you or your spouse need them. You can see these features in action at many of our new Model Homes. As a Certified Aging in Place Specialist (CAPS), Schumacher Homes can build you a home today that your future self will thank you for.

5 Reasons to Attend a Schumacher Homes Lunch and Learn

Schumacher Homes 1.  It’s a Comprehensive Overview for First-time Builders

Get ready to receive a ton of information in a very short time. Our experts will discuss our build process, explain the difference between the financing required for a new home vs. an existing home, and educate you on new trends in plans and products.

  1. You’ll Meet our Experts

This is an opportunity to talk with the whole team — before you sign or even receive a quote — to learn more about the people who will guide you through your home-building journey.  From our Design Consultants to our Production Staff, this is a great chance to take advantage of the expertise of all of the people who will have their hands in your project.

  1. You’ll Get to Listen to Other Potential Homeowners Questions

Questions and answers fly at our lunch and learns, so even if you don’t ask a single question, you’ll learn a lot for other potential homeowners. We hear time and again from our participants that they heard questions they never even thought to ask themselves!

  1. You’ll Meet People Who’ve Already Built with Us

At every Lunch and Learn, we provide at least one family whose been there and done that. You’ll have the opportunity to speak with them and hear the first-hand story of their build.

  1. We’ll Treat You to a Yummy Lunch.

Good Food. Good People. Good Information.  What are you waiting for? Sign up for our Lunch and Learn now!

Top 15 Home Design Trends of 2016

Schumacher Homes Top 15 Trends of 2016

People want what’s trending in their homes.  Large kitchens, open gathering areas where the whole family can be together, tons of closets – we receive these requests over and over. But you never know where inspiration will come from. Here’s 15 trends you can bank on for 2016.

Schumacher Homes Spa Bath

The Vinemont Owner’s Bath by Schumacher Homes

1. Spa-Like Bathrooms

A trend with staying power, the spa master bathroom gives you the feeling of a luxury hotel without ever leaving home. From the dual vanity to a glamorous tub/shower combo, we’re talking serious Zen space to relax and unwind.

Schumacher Homes

The Chesapeake IV Kitchen by Schumacher Homes

2. Backsplashes

What better way to make a statement than a creative backsplash. Whether in the bath or kitchen, you can let your individuality shine through in color, tone or texture.

Schumacher Homes Western Door Systems

The Catawba Patio by Schumacher Homes Earnhardt Collection

3. Western Window Sliding Door Systems

Bringing the outdoors in, these sliding door systems offer the flexibility of 90 degree angles and tons of natural light. These award-winning doors are worry free when it comes to the security to you need to protect your home. Nature lovers, rejoice!

Schumacher Homes Outdoor Kitchens

The Charleson A Covered Patio by Schumacher Homes

4. Outdoor Kitchens

Nothing makes your home the neighborhood hub like an outdoor kitchen hardspace. This quality-built investment lasts season after season, as will your reign as king of the backyard barbecue.

5. Chandeliers in Owner’s Retreat or Pendants over Nightstands

Schumacher Homes Bedroom Chandelier

The Beverly II by Schumacher Homes

Schumacher Homes Pendant lighting

The Olivia by Schumacher Homes

A chandelier in a master suite functions on two levels. One, it attracts your gaze upward, which immediately lets you take in the room as a whole. Secondly, it ultra-personalizes the master suite, much like a piece of fine art. Pendant lighting frees up space on the nightstand, allowing you to turn your nightstand into a mini-display area of photographs or personal items.  Both provide soft ambient light for a more classic style.

Schumacher Homes Great Room

New Haven II Great Room by Schumacher Homes

6. Feature Windows in Your Great Room for an Abundance of Natural Light

The best way to flood your room with natural light is to adorn your great room with feature windows. People need light, they thrive on it, along with a strong connection to nature and the outdoors. Feature windows accomplish this with beauty and style.

Schumacher Homes

The Vinemont Great Room by Schumacher Homes

7. Cedar beams in Great Room

Create a rustic design element to any home with cedar beams in your Great Room. Much like the chandelier, this powerful feature draws the eye upward, forcing you to view the room in its entirety.

Schumacher Homes Casita

The Heritage Casita by Schumacher Homes

9. Multi-generational Living Casita Addition

A Casita houses a spacious great room, ample kitchen area, laundry room and bedroom, complete with full bath and walk in closet. This private space is perfect for aging parents or the older child who moves back in. This addition can be connected straight onto the home or by breezeway.

Schumacher Homes

The Charleston A Kitchen by Schumacher Homes

9. Pendant Lighting over a Kitchen Island

Add color and style in the kitchen by introducing the beauty of pendant lighting above your island. This look works for any style, from traditional to modern to industrial.

Schumacher Homes

The Catawba Kitchen by Schumacher Homes Earnhardt Collection

10. Two-Tone Kitchens

Two-tone kitchens can be achieved in a variety of ways. The most common are two-tone cabinets or single-color cabinets paired with an island with a base stained or painted a different color. This blog by Decoist shows how this trend can be incorporated in all styles – from contemporary to retro.

Schumacher Homes

The Pikes Peak Owner’s Bath by Schumacher Homes Earnhardt Collection

11. Free Standing Tubs

Free standing tubs add a breathtaking element to your bathroom. The right tub can create the same feel as a work of art.

Schumacher Homes

The Chesapeake IV Great Room by Schumacher Homes

12. Linear Fireplaces

A linear fireplace with a ribbon flame brings the fireplace into the line of site in any home with a clean and streamlined look.

Schumacher Homes

The Charleston A by Schumacher Homes

13. Reclaimed Wood

Reclaimed wood covers it all, and that’s why we see it as a trend with staying power. It’s a re-purposed and reused material, you can feel good about; it blends well with just about any style, and it lends warmth to any room.

Schumacher Homes

The Stoneridge Pantry/Laundry Room by Schumacher Homes

14. Killer Pantries

What’s driving this trend? We don’t know. But whether it’s wholesale clubs, cook-at-home diets or fear of a zombie apocalypse, one of the biggest trends we’re seeing is HUGE pantries for maximum food storage. Often these pantries are coupled with an expansive laundry room.

Schumacher Homes

The Blue Ridge Pocket Office by Schumacher Homes Earnhardt Collection

15. Pocket Offices

Gone are the days of the large home office. With shrinking computers and paperless communication, this tiny space off the general flow of the home provides just enough peace and space to get the job done.

Want to see more amazing photos of the latest design trends?  Visit us at


Shopping for a New Home: Step 4 – Evaluating Value

Schumacher Homes Pricing A lot of people think that the lowest price equals the greatest value, but that’s just not the case. Really. Think about it. Even the lowest priced sliced white bread is not something you’d want to eat. So let’s talk about True Value, particularly with respect to shopping for a custom built home. Pricing is just one factor in determining which builder is right for you. Getting more house for the money can mean costs cut elsewhere. Remember the story of the three pigs. We all know how that turned out for the two pigs who used “value” materials.

To achieve True Value, you should get a custom home exactly the way you want it built, with the most experienced team of consultants and builders, using the best quality in materials and equipment, at an affordable price – all without having to compromise. True customization embodies two points: Choice and inspiration.

  • Schumacher Homes FloorPlanChoice: Does your builder have hundreds vs. dozens of floor plans to choose from, with the ability to adjust every detail of your selected plan to meet your needs?
  • Inspiration: A home is more than a floor plan. Does your builder have a Design Studio where you can explore the features to add to your home? A place where you can touch the various kitchen cabinets, open the windows and handle lighting and bath fixtures?
Schumacher Homes Design Studio

Schumacher Homes Design Studio

You also want to make sure you’re choosing a builder that keeps you in the driver’s seat. While building a home is a partnership between builder and customer that requires constant communication, your vision is what drives the process. Find a builder who will listen and has the experience and expertise to bring that vision to life. Trust us, having 24/7 access to your builder, and the ability to check out the site under construction will give you peace of mind. We certainly don’t want to discount pricing as an important factor in value. What is important in the value of pricing is transparency, in the form of an itemized cost breakdown. So you know exactly what you’re going to pay for with no hidden costs.

So bottom line: Find the true customization. Find the highest quality. Find the unparalleled service. Then you’ll have peace of mind to build the home of your dreams at truest value.