What Do I Need to Consider When Choosing a Kitchen Sink?

Choosing the right sink is more important than you might think when it comes to designing your new kitchen. The style and material can make a major impact on your kitchen’s functionality, counter space, and overall aesthetic. Whether you are seeking a more rustic sensibility for the final look of your kitchen, you’re worried about washing your extra large pots or holiday platters, or are simply budget conscious and want the most for your dollar, the options that we present here should help tailor your decision and ultimately leave you with the kitchen of your dreams.

The first decision that we should come to when choosing the perfect kitchen sink is whether to go with a single bowl or a double bowl. Are you the type who prefers having one large sink bowl that can handle your biggest pieces of cooking equipment, allowing you to really dig in and scrub a cookie sheet without splashing water around the counter, or are you more concerned about dividing up the bowls allowing you to wash vegetables in one while drying dishes in the other? There are pros and cons to each option, so take a minute to think through it as we list those for you here.


Single Bowl Double Bowl


They can handle large baking sheets, soup pots, and large pans with ease

There are a variety of product widths, allowing it to fit your perfect custom kitchen

The faucet can be placed in a myriad of positions

They are easier to maintain and clean

Versatile – They can be used both for food prep or dish drying

They can free up counter space

Cons They aren’t as versatile as a double bowl sink when needed for multiple uses at once

It is harder to wash larger kitchen equipment in the smaller bowl

There are fewer faucet installation options

The next decision that we’ll have to make is on your new sink’s material. As you might already be thinking, different materials can match different kitchen aesthetics, provide varying levels of durability, and of course come with different pricing spectrums, but the good news is that every option will provide you and your family with a phenomenal final outcome, custom fit for your ideal kitchen.

The three materials that we offer are stainless steel, the Whitehaven Enameled Cast Iron Farm Sink, or the Neoroc Composite Sink. Similar to going with one or two bowls, each has their pros and cons which we can call out for your here to help make the decision a bit easier.


Stainless Steel

Whitehaven Enameled Cast Iron Farm Sink

Neoroc Composite Sink


Affordable & low maintenance

Variety of options in terms of shape, configuration and style, and they match most modern appliances

Resistance to scratches and dents

Many different colors and styles for the high design modern farmhouse looks

Apron front style for a more custom built in kitchen

Extremely durable when it comes to scratches, stains and dents

Heat Resistant to hot pots and pans

Durable against scratches and chips

Available in a variety of different color finishes


Limited style and design for the bold kitchens

Quality is done by gauge and it can range from 18-22; the lower the gauge the thicker the material.

Can be noisy compared to other materials like cast iron or composite

Larger investment than stainless and composite

Requires extra support due to weight of sink

Larger investment than stainless steel but less than cast iron

It can seem tough to come to the right conclusion when it involves picking the perfect sink for your brand new kitchen, but ultimately, it’s impossible to go wrong and just depends on your personal preference. As for bowls, if you’re looking for multi-functional, the double bowl might be the right option for you, and that was the trend for a number of years. These days, the trend has shifted towards the single, larger bowl to give more usable sink space when washing your oversized pots and pans and to give your kitchen counter a cleaner line aesthetic, but there is no single right answer.

“Picking between the double and single sink was tough. I love the look of the single bowl, but when it comes to brass tacks, I love the functionality of two bowls. That’s what I went with, and I couldn’t be happier.”  – Laura D.- Canton, OH

Material can be a bit more of a complex choice and as there is a wide range in price, this can often affect your decision. If budget isn’t a concern, we always love to recommend the apron front Whitehaven Enameled Cast Iron Farm Sink as it has a sleek design appeal, and its durability will last a lifetime. That said, composite sinks have become much more popular lately as they are similarly durable, cost less, and come in a variety of colors. And of course, there is a reason that stainless steel sinks have been used for countless kitchens across the country as they are more affordable and come in a range of durability to fit your needs.

No matter what sink you choose, you can be certain that it will add dynamics to your kitchen, giving a bit of personality to one of the most utilitarian features of your home.

Photos courtesy of Kohler