Scott and Stephanie’s Story: Choosing a Well-Organized, Communicative Builder

Not long ago, Scott and Stephanie made a big move from the sprawling plains of Texas to the majestic mountain terrain of Waynesville, North Carolina. Beyond the standard anxiety that comes with a cross-country move, they were hit with some major decisions when it came to designing a new, custom home, starting with choosing a builder to help walk them through the entire process of creating the home of their dreams. As they did their research, they came to the conclusion that they would feel more secure with a national builder that has local roots in Asheville as opposed to a small, local only builder. They wanted to work with a team that was well established and stable that they could trust for quality construction, but also remain satisfied knowing they were getting the most for their money. Schumacher Homes met their criteria exactly, putting their minds at ease for both craftsmanship and value.

The quality of the building was extremely important to them. They, of course, wanted a home that was not only beautiful and custom fit to their wants and needs, but made to last a lifetime and beyond. But, equally important was the experience of the builders themselves. They wanted people on site who could attend to their concerns and explain the intricacies of the building process. Their Construction Manager from Schumacher’s Asheville, NC location, Dustin, was their point person when it came to the building experience and they couldn’t have been happier.

“Dustin pours his heart into his job,” Scott and Stephanie stated.

It’s important to think about construction in a similar light as going to the doctor. While you want to know that the doctor has all of the experience to get the job done right, you also want to be sure the doctor is surrounded by amazing nurses, as they are likely the ones who you will be communicating with on a regular basis, letting you know how things are going, when your next appointment is, and why the process is what it is. According to Scott and Stephanie, Dustin was ideal for his position. He communicated well, managed timelines appropriately, and was truly concerned for them, the homeowners.

With Schumacher Homes, Stephanie and Scott  got the advantages and peace of mind of Schumacher Homes being America’s largest custom homebuilder combined with the personalized experience and top-tier bedside manner of their Construction Manager, Dustin.

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About Schumacher Homes
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