Meet Brett Banther – Schumacher Homes 2016 Ride Shotgun Winner

The Banther Family

Brett, Audrey and Heather Banther (L to R)

Sundays mean NASCAR for the Banther family.  It’s a time when the whole clan gathers to watch the big names race round the track. When Brett Banther received the call as the winner of this year’s Ride Shotgun with Dale Jr. Contest, well, he felt like it was a gift from one special family member.

Kerry Earnhardt, Brett, Heather, Rene Earnhardt and Jacki Mitlo of Schumacher Homes (L to R)

“NASCAR’s a big thing for our family,” says Brett Banther. “We used to watch it with Dad before he passed away. We still watch it on the weekends. It brings our family together. That’s why it was so special to win. It was like dad’s looking down on us.”

Banther, an engineer and professor at Western Carolina University, will bring his wife Heather to Charlotte with him for the festivities. As an engineer, Banther is especially excited for the behind the scenes tour of the technical aspects of NASCAR. Banther says he entered the contest on a whim as the couple were making plans for their new home. The Banthers are in the process of signing the purchase agreement for a Baldwin II A.

“We haven’t broken ground,” says Banther. “We’re doing the site evaluation now. Things are definitely becoming more real and exciting!”

We wish the Banthers many wonderful years of family (and NASCAR) togetherness in the great room of their Baldwin II A!

Brett Banther Describes his 2016 TDJF Ride Along Experience for Schumacher Homes! 

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