How Tile Can Finish A Room

It’s about time that tile earns its rightful place as an affordable, stylish, addition to nearly any room in your home. No longer just for shower walls and bathroom floors, the variety of tiles available in the market today make it both a durable replacement for expensive stonework and a captivating material for accent walls and a bit of stylish flair. That’s why we wanted to lay out a few ideas here for you to better understand what tile can do to spruce up your home, turning it into something truly wonderful.

The kitchen is often thought of as the heart of the home. It can be the epicenter of family gatherings or just a place where your children finish their homework and tell you about their day while you’re busy figuring out how to hide some vegetables in their dinner. You’ve likely already planned out and customized just how you want things laid out, like where the stove will be in relation to the sink and the fridge, but putting those final design touches in just the right way are what will really add love to the heart of your home.

In the kitchen pictured here, we added a new dimension to the already custom space by using Daltile’s Rittenhouse Square in a 3” x 6” subway format to build an elegant backsplash. The bright white tile gifts the empty space with texture and radiance that extends all the way to the ceiling for an even more custom look. This simple detail creates a timeless look that can stylize your kitchen while remaining graceful and charming. The bright white appearance opens the kitchen up, giving it a sense of space while maintaining a rustic charm.

It’s easy to jump onto the idea of installing a marble floor in your master bathroom, after all, this is meant to be a place of luxury and respite. The raw whites and grey veins of a fine piece of Italian stone can instantly transport you to a world of relaxation, but don’t kid yourself, dealing with real marble can be a real stress. From the character of the porous material that can stain quite easily, to the costly installation and the inconsistency from tile to tile, for some people marble can often provide more anxiety than tranquility. Again, this is a perfect moment for tile to make its way into the room. The Marble Attaché by Daltile has forever changed what you might think about tile. It’s a luxury porcelain product that is setting trend like no other as it easily mimics the splendor of marble, but without any of the pain points.

In the bathroom pictured here, we used large squares of the Marble Attaché tile to add a bit of old world luxury to this bright and modern bathroom, drawing it all the way up the far wall to complete the look and enhance the lavish atmosphere. There is nothing better than starting your day in a clean, calm space, and these tiles lend themselves to that perfect morning.

Traditionally you may think of an accent wall being painted with a contrasting color, covered with a chic wallpaper, or perhaps adorned with brick or stone slabs, but you shouldn’t leave tile out of the discussion. The image here illustrates a great room that has achieved a textured architectural design in an unexpected way – by using 12” x 24” large format tile across the entire wall. Perhaps using tile to feature an access wall could be considered a risk as it certainly isn’t the norm, but you probably agree that this risk was well worth the reward. The massive space was overlaid with Daltile’s Severino Collection which takes cues from the tumbling cliffs of the Amalfi Coast to give it a beautiful mix of travertine and marble looks. It’s designed to add warmth and beauty, maintaining clean lines while adding a bit of natural styling to any room.

As you can see, tile is much more versatile than it was when our grandparents were designing their bathroom floors. There are myriad options available from those that replicate Italian marble, to classic New York subway tiles, to anything in between.

The joy that our customers get from choosing all of the final touches to their new home is part of the reward of building custom homes. When it comes to working with Schumacher Homes, our FrontDoor™ price quote system makes it incredibly easy to understand exactly what you’re getting and how much it will cost.

There are an incredible amount of choices when it comes to finishing details. Paint colors, wall paper, flooring options, ceiling styling, window design, and countertops. Even choosing the correct light switches can lead to decision anxiety. When designing the nuances of your home design, working with your New Home Consultant and Sales Coordinator to understand the options available makes selections easy so that you can make your home not just beautiful, but comfortable and warm.

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