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What to Consider When Designing the Perfect Master Bathroom

When building a home, many people focus on the kitchen, but another important area is the master bathroom. While the kitchen may be the heart of the home, the master bath is a place for meditation as you begin and end each day. It’s important to get your day started in a space that flows well and comforts you as you prepare for the adventures that await. Equally, you want to find yourself somewhere calming and reflective as you wind down at the end of a long day, preparing for your evening activities or readying yourself for a restful sleep. There are several trends when it comes to designing your master bathroom, and we will sift through several of them here, allowing you to make an informed decision when working towards designing your dream home with one of our new home specialists.

One way to bring that luxurious resort atmosphere to your own bathroom is to add a freestanding soaking tub to the layout. A large tub with a comfortable soaking depth is a wonderful way to achieve a spa-like feel in your bathroom. There are many varieties and design options for soaking tubs that can match your housing aesthetic, be it ultra-modern or rustic chic. If you aren’t the type who enjoys soaking in a bath, but still want to make the most of your square footage, you may want to opt for a larger than normal walk-in shower. A large shower can provide for multiple, high-performance shower heads, a rain shower head, or even a seat. Many of us find our time in the shower to be a moment of quiet meditation, a space where ideas flow and worries wash away. Designing your bathroom with these reflective spaces in mind can turn your master bathroom into something very special. Bathroom fixtures require proper fitting and plumbing, so it is important to think about these items ahead of time when designing the space with your builder.

A second design feature that can turn your bathroom into something quite fantastic is the color scheme and finishing material choices. Calming wall colors will help create a relaxing environment where you can feel composed and collected. Light blue, mauve, grey, blue-grey, or even deep blue or violet are just some of the paint colors that can put your mind at ease and add a bit of style and character to your bathroom walls.

“I went into my master bathroom without too much thought, just thinking some white walls and granite counters would do the trick, but I’m so glad that I was introduced to the idea of calming colors and different stone varieties, as the final outcome makes each morning feel like a day at the spa.”  – Joanne, Schumacher Homeowner

The trend that you might really want to think about is the popular idea of mixing materials and textures. The options are truly limitless and stretch from the ceiling to the walls to the floors to the countertops. Combining multiple materials such as tiles, granite, or quartz can make for an inspiring design. One popular material choice right now is Calacatta Marble. It’s creamy, crisp white color and dramatic grey and gold veining provides a multiple textured, high-end look within just one stone. Beyond the look and feel, using a mix of materials can help break up a large space, adding visual interest with an affordable and upscale look, helping your spa bathroom feel both luxurious and quaint all at once. Even just a small addition, such as a backsplash above the vanities, can provide a custom look without adding too much cost.

Lighting can of course play a huge role in creating the spa bath environment that you crave. As with choosing finishing materials of different varieties to break up the space and add a flare of luxury, the same can be said of lighting. Trends today see the use of chandeliers over a freestanding tub along with recessed lighting and wall sconces. Choosing a ceiling design that tucks lights into a cove can provide a feeling of space and weightlessness to the room. For the most simplistic of design features, consider installing dimmer switches in your bath area to help create a relaxing glow for those moments in the evening when you just want to unwind.

Storage is one of those incredibly obvious necessities for an ideal master bathroom, yet it is so often neglected and forgotten until it is too late. Be sure to think ahead of time about storage space. You’ll want to have an idea of where your linens will be located or where your toiletries and medicines will hide away when not in use. The bathroom is often connected to one or two walk-in closets that also need to be considered when designing the space to be sure that you are satisfied with how your belongings fit and how the flow of the room works.

As you can tell, there is a bit more thought than you might have originally assumed that goes into creating the idea spa bath, but the right combination of tubs, showers, colors, materials, lighting, and storage can make for an incredible space within your home. A lot of customization can be done in the bathroom, so you want to be sure that you select a builder that will work with you to create that ideal space for your lifestyle. Schumacher Homes is here to make sure your days start and end in luxury, without breaking the bank.

About Schumacher Homes
Schumacher Homes, based in Canton, Ohio, is America’s largest custom homebuilder, with operations in 32 markets in 14 states across the country. The National Housing Quality award winning company has built over 18,000 homes, customized to fit each family’s lifestyle, since its founding by Paul Schumacher in 1992. Schumacher Homes takes each customer’s inspiration and gives it a home. Each Schumacher Homes location includes a one-stop shopping design studio and model homes displaying the latest in architectural and product trends.  Stop in today, be inspired and receive your no obligation price quote.

What’s Trending in Residential Ceiling Design?

It might not be something that you ever really thought about, but the ceiling can add an incredible amount of character to a room. The right choice can create a grand sense of space, a softly lit sense of luxury, a rustic loftiness, or even a quaint comfort. It’s one of those nuanced touches that you’ll be extremely glad you spent time thinking about when you walk into your living room, bathroom, kitchen, or bedroom and feel that sense of delight that should come along with your new space.

There are a few different ceiling styles and finishing touches that we love, and we’ll walk you through those here, along with providing a couple of photos to help you understand what a difference your choices can make to your home

First up, the Reverse Cove ceiling. A reverse cove is an excellent way to accent a flat ceiling, providing a light, museum-like aesthetic, nearly as if the dropped portion is floating away from the true ceiling above. It can seem, perhaps, counterintuitive to lower a portion of the ceiling, as one might think that this makes a room feel cramped, but as a matter of fact, the process can do just the opposite. By creating the dropped portion in a great room and lighting the outer edges, a reverse cove ceiling can add a sense of air to a room, drawing the eyes to the negative space of the cove that surrounds the drop. For an extra touch in the room pictured, a wood trim “X” pattern adds a hint of rustic charm, performing a bit of a balancing act with the hardwood floors below.

A second, stunning option for your ceilings is the Cove Ceiling. Whereas the reverse cove has a section that protrudes a bit lower in the center, this option has a raised portion in the center. In the photo seen here, the perimeter of the ceiling is stepped down around 12” below the true ceiling and has been customized to feature a ledge where we were able to hide LED accent lights. This option brings a sense of light to your ceiling, allowing you to feel as if the room is opening up as you step inside. It can make a bathroom, or really any room, feel much larger than it may actually be.

Next we come to the Cathedral Ceiling. Named thusly as it takes inspiration from the massive, cavernous cathedrals of Europe, it’s a wonderful way to add volume and height to a room. A cathedral ceiling can make a room feel grand and make even a rather tight space feel voluminous by adding height to the room, cheating the eyes and mind into believing the square footage is far more than it may actually be. Cathedral ceilings can work in both one-story or two-story rooms and would typically feature a ridge at the peak that runs parallel to the ridge line of the home. Of course in a two-story room, the effect is even more grand, but as you can see from the images here, it can add an incredible amount of opulence to a single story room as well, turning an ordinary living room into a spectacular living room. Support trusses or box beams take this ceiling concept to the next level, accenting the house design with a bit of delight above your head.

Finally, there is the Coffered Ceiling. This is the sort of design that might bring you to the victorian era or perhaps one of the great mansions that can still be found throughout the eastern side of the United States. Once a design staple of libraries or dens of the greatest and largest home ever built, this ceiling detail has stood the test of time and is now being incorporated into modern homes. The painted beams with crown molding add a touch of old world charm and royal luxury to your main living space.

There certainly is no wrong answer when it comes to choosing the ceiling for each room in your home. Each option brings its own personality and delight, and it simply depends on your goals.

Are you looking to make the space feel bigger? Are you excited about having a modern accent light? Do you like the old world elegance of beams and moldings or the modern whimsy of LED lighting against a recessed cove?  Have a new home specialist contact you to start discussing your dream room and the design trends we can suggest to enhance it.

About Schumacher Homes
Schumacher Homes, based in Canton, Ohio, is America’s largest custom homebuilder, with operations in 32 markets in 14 states across the country. The National Housing Quality award winning company has built over 18,000 homes, customized to fit each family’s lifestyle, since its founding by Paul Schumacher in 1992. Schumacher Homes takes each customer’s inspiration and gives it a home. Each Schumacher Homes location includes a one-stop shopping design studio and model homes displaying the latest in architectural and product trends.  Stop in today, be inspired and receive your no obligation price quote.

What Do I Need to Consider When Choosing a Kitchen Sink?

Choosing the right sink is more important than you might think when it comes to designing your new kitchen. The style and material can make a major impact on your kitchen’s functionality, counter space, and overall aesthetic. Whether you are seeking a more rustic sensibility for the final look of your kitchen, you’re worried about washing your extra large pots or holiday platters, or are simply budget conscious and want the most for your dollar, the options that we present here should help tailor your decision and ultimately leave you with the kitchen of your dreams.

The first decision that we should come to when choosing the perfect kitchen sink is whether to go with a single bowl or a double bowl. Are you the type who prefers having one large sink bowl that can handle your biggest pieces of cooking equipment, allowing you to really dig in and scrub a cookie sheet without splashing water around the counter, or are you more concerned about dividing up the bowls allowing you to wash vegetables in one while drying dishes in the other? There are pros and cons to each option, so take a minute to think through it as we list those for you here.


Single Bowl Double Bowl


They can handle large baking sheets, soup pots, and large pans with ease

There are a variety of product widths, allowing it to fit your perfect custom kitchen

The faucet can be placed in a myriad of positions

They are easier to maintain and clean

Versatile – They can be used both for food prep or dish drying

They can free up counter space

Cons They aren’t as versatile as a double bowl sink when needed for multiple uses at once

It is harder to wash larger kitchen equipment in the smaller bowl

There are fewer faucet installation options

The next decision that we’ll have to make is on your new sink’s material. As you might already be thinking, different materials can match different kitchen aesthetics, provide varying levels of durability, and of course come with different pricing spectrums, but the good news is that every option will provide you and your family with a phenomenal final outcome, custom fit for your ideal kitchen.

The three materials that we offer are stainless steel, the Whitehaven Enameled Cast Iron Farm Sink, or the Neoroc Composite Sink. Similar to going with one or two bowls, each has their pros and cons which we can call out for your here to help make the decision a bit easier.


Stainless Steel

Whitehaven Enameled Cast Iron Farm Sink

Neoroc Composite Sink


Affordable & low maintenance

Variety of options in terms of shape, configuration and style, and they match most modern appliances

Resistance to scratches and dents

Many different colors and styles for the high design modern farmhouse looks

Apron front style for a more custom built in kitchen

Extremely durable when it comes to scratches, stains and dents

Heat Resistant to hot pots and pans

Durable against scratches and chips

Available in a variety of different color finishes


Limited style and design for the bold kitchens

Quality is done by gauge and it can range from 18-22; the lower the gauge the thicker the material.

Can be noisy compared to other materials like cast iron or composite

Larger investment than stainless and composite

Requires extra support due to weight of sink

Larger investment than stainless steel but less than cast iron

It can seem tough to come to the right conclusion when it involves picking the perfect sink for your brand new kitchen, but ultimately, it’s impossible to go wrong and just depends on your personal preference. As for bowls, if you’re looking for multi-functional, the double bowl might be the right option for you, and that was the trend for a number of years. These days, the trend has shifted towards the single, larger bowl to give more usable sink space when washing your oversized pots and pans and to give your kitchen counter a cleaner line aesthetic, but there is no single right answer.

“Picking between the double and single sink was tough. I love the look of the single bowl, but when it comes to brass tacks, I love the functionality of two bowls. That’s what I went with, and I couldn’t be happier.”  – Laura D.- Canton, OH

Material can be a bit more of a complex choice and as there is a wide range in price, this can often affect your decision. If budget isn’t a concern, we always love to recommend the apron front Whitehaven Enameled Cast Iron Farm Sink as it has a sleek design appeal, and its durability will last a lifetime. That said, composite sinks have become much more popular lately as they are similarly durable, cost less, and come in a variety of colors. And of course, there is a reason that stainless steel sinks have been used for countless kitchens across the country as they are more affordable and come in a range of durability to fit your needs.

No matter what sink you choose, you can be certain that it will add dynamics to your kitchen, giving a bit of personality to one of the most utilitarian features of your home.

Photos courtesy of Kohler